The Season of Fall

Each season is distinct, marked by its own characteristics and patterns. Having said this, with fall quickly approaching, we’ll will soon begin to recognize its variance by the falling of leaves from the trees, climate change, and the shortness of daylight.

Spirit of melancholy

Let’s contrast this with our lives. With the hustle and bustle of summer, including fun in the sun behind us, comes the fall season where we begin to wind down and settle ourselves; and in so doing unfortunately for some, a season of melancholy sets in. You don’t have to be busy, busy 24/7. Consider carving out some time this season to draw closer to the Lord in silence, make it your season of song or singing, spend time sitting at his feet, or writing letters to him. Not only will you be amazed by what you end up getting out of it, but it’s a great remedy to ward off fall depression!

A season of refreshing!

With the weather change consider taking advantage of small walks after school, or work. Utilize this season to slow down long enough to admire the beautiful fall colors and feel nature’s cool breeze brush on your face. It’s a great reminder of the beauty of the Lord, as you inhale his air and breathe in the refreshing smell of the great outdoors. Take advantage of this natural way to mentally heal! Praise the Lord, what a gift!

Try new recipes with fall foods!

With the hot weather behind us, try new recipes. The Lord graces us with amazing fall foods like sweet potatoes, pumpkins, pears, brussels sprouts, and stews. Oh, and don’t forget that with the season of fall comes the time to enjoy our favorite hot drinks. I tell ya, God is good:)

Lastly, remember, the scripture found in Ecclesiastes 3:1a. It says, that “to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” May this fall mark the season and time that God would reveal and establish his purposes in and for your life. Amen.

The Ministry of Linda L. Johnson

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